Expanding Equanimity: Southern Dharma In-Person Retreat with Cindy, August 4-8

According to yogic and Buddhist philosophy, there are four noble qualities, known in the Buddhist tradition as the Four Immeasurables: loving kindness, compassion, equanimity, and sympathetic joy. We are all born with the seeds of these traits, and with practice we can cultivate them to develop strength, steadiness, and openness in any situation—independent of external conditions.

Although these four qualities are inter-related, in this workshop we will explore Equanimity as a means to remain openhearted during times of tension and strife, whether personal or global. Equanimity is freedom from powerful reactions, positive or negative, to another person or an event—the ability to be even and open-minded toward everyone, no matter how they behave. This practice brings clarity to situations where we may be moved to react from passion or bias. Expanding our view to one of engaged impartiality allows us to respond to life’s challenges with wisdom—even at times with a sense of humor.

Over the four days, we’ll explore Equanimity through yoga poses, meditations, mindfulness exercises, and breath awareness.  

Although this annual workshop with Cindy is now full, it’s always worth it to put your name on the waiting list. Cancellations do happen, and you might get lucky!  And if this retreat doesn’t work for you this time around, check out all the other amazing retreats you can enjoy at Southern Dharma over the coming months. 

For more detailed information, pricing, and important vaccination requirements, and to put your name on the waiting list, click here.

[Cindy will be assisted on this retreat by Tammy Kaousias. Tammy teaches yoga in Knoxville, TN, and has studied with Cindy for over a decade.]